Thursday, April 26, 2007

Visualization Toolkits

After attending PyCon 2005, the Python Convention, I became convinced that the Python community was worthy of supporting, just as I had given my heart and soul to the VRML and Java 3D communities in years past. I realized that the VRML community was a little too .com bulge for me (one too many extravagant parties instead of putting energy into making VRML successful on the Web). I felt like I was part of a great Java 3D community, but I then realized it was because I had access to the first alpha release and was only one of fifteen or so people really kicking the tires on a mission-critical project. The community was small and very easy to work with. But, alas, the project manager at Sun wasn't too interested in the community or the casual home user. Java 3D was all about middleware for high-performance computers that would crunch polygon integration for visualization of millions of polygon data sets worth megabucks to Sun in potential revenues. Fair enough, but a lost opportunity. I see there is finally an organized community around Java 3D but I don't get that passionate feeling of making a difference on the Web through the use of it. Enter the Visualization Toolkit. Python-wrapped and ready to be driven by all the well used Web protocols. Time to dive in and see what that means regarding Web integration potential. Some second entry links:

vtk site: vtk

pycon 2005 site: pycon talks

web 3D site: vrml`s evolution

java 3D community site:

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