Thursday, April 26, 2007

So this is blogging?

After setting up blogware twice before, I finally decided to bite the bullet, get myself my own domain, and set up the blog link off the home page front and center. I'll be blogging about things that are related to my dissertation such as the process and utility of generating scientific visualizations for consumption on the Web. Supposedly, up to seventy-some percent of brain activity is focused on processing the photons of light that enter our eyes. Seems there is an opportunity to make that a better experience than staring at a blank wall or reading the same forty or so keyboard characters over and over and over. Not that reading isn't the coolest opportunity afforded our brains since we get to invent our own imagery to connect to the words we read, but there is an opportunity to investigate certain phenomena more literally through our visual cortex and hopefully inspire us with experiences we aren't apt to run into in our daily existence. Photography is wonderful and I am sure some blog entries will be about a cool photo I've come across on the Web. But, I am more interested in seeing stuff that is abstract and yet inspired by nature. Supposedly, we need tools to help us experience those beauties. Visualization toolkits, for example. I hope to tie together some thoughts I've been having in a way that others might just want to follow along. Hence the blog. Some first entry links:

a daily: Earth Science Picture of the Day

another daily: Astronomy Picture of the Day

a book: Mapping the Next Millenium

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