Monday, April 30, 2007

Bottom Up Building Alive on Google Earth

I downloaded the Google Earth for Mac client and ramped it up on my MacBook Pro. Two words came to mind: shock and awe. The ability to go anywhere on Earth and drill down to street level in any town I had ever lived in, see the actual structure I lived in, and bring back a flood of memories of my geospatial existence connects neurons in a fascinating way. The other experience I can think of that rattles my neurons that dramatically for me is attending the symphony. I had better be careful because I can feel an addiction coming on.

The idea that anyone on the planet can be modeling any structure on the planet at any time and then uploading that structure into Google Earth is a siren call to be there indefinitely. The fact that the Mac community has access to the process from creation to visualization magnifies the feeling two or three-fold. Through opening up the process to Mac users, we attract a whole other culture to the possibilities of virtual cities. Now, if we can attract all the cultures of the world and evolve the platform to show historical context to our impact on the planet, we will have a very powerful shared story that can't help but bring us together by shared understanding and a sense of accomplishment. The impact of our joint actions will be expressed more tangibly.

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