Thursday, May 3, 2007

Why Support Your Virtual City?

There are many reasons to support a community effort to build a virtual city:

  • Let's face it, the most visited urban centers know how to milk perception to attract masses to come and drop some bills. But what about community pride in sharing the unique history associated with a place where thousands gave their lives to participating (whether they cared about it or not). Virtual Tourism is a concept we all can take advantage of to tell our favorite stories about the place we live.
  • A 3-D representative model of place with links, stories, and freedom to explore online is a natural way to help others do their Travel Planning and have it carry over to when they actually make it to visit in person.
  • We shouldn't fool ourselves. Our town and city planners could use our opinions regarding the future use of our shared geography. What easier way to provide feedback than in the forum of a virtual city demonstrating potential changes we can respond to? Land Planning, Usage, and Urban Structures can all be facilitated through a well-publicized virtual city.
  • It is not just the open spaces, commercial structures and residential structures that can benefit from shared visualization and exploration. Civil engineering projects, telecommunications, utilities, and other infrastructure takes up physical space, disrupts our daily activities, and makes itself visible for the long-run.
  • Visualization of Weather and other environmental attributes help a community understand their relationship to nature as well as plan for spending time outdoors (something we are doing less and less to the degradation of our sense of community).

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